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PostPosted: Wed Dec 07, 2016 9:12 am 
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This article is a year old but I wanted to share it here just in case anyone wasn't aware of these new archeological findings that refute long-held arguments against Yeshua and the validity of the Biblical texts that we still here being parroted today ad nauseam.

Here's my summary:

1. First, hardcore archeological proof that Nazareth DID exist at the time of Yeshua and was settled by Jews. This new evidence refutes the long time, common charge that the village of Nazareth never existed at the time of Yeshua; ipso facto, Yeshua never existed. Discovery of an ornate, first century synagogue on the Sea of Galilee. Also, the discoveries of the ossuaries of the high priest Caiaphas and James, step-brother of Yeshua and leader of the Church at Jerusalem.

2. In 2008, Israeli archeologists discovered a 1st century stone tablet in ancient Hebrew that mentions the angel Gabriel and a future Messianic figure who would suffer, die, and rise again in 3 days. It's known as the "Gabriel Revelation." This information along with the discovery of other ancient texts confirms that MANY Jews in and previous to the 1st century were expecting a suffering and dying messiah contrary to what modern Jewish "authorities" today have denied would have been believed at that time.

3. New scholarship has confirmed that the earliest, Jewish followers of Yeshua actually DID believe Yeshua to be more than a mere man and that He was the Divine, literal, Son of God and wasn't an "invention" of later pagan believers. Authors and "New Testament scholars" like Bart Ehrman have had to concede that these new discoveries prove the earliest believers and followers of Yeshua believed Him to be Yah in the flesh.

This is hilarious and a HUGE one because books like Bart Ehrman's "Misquoting Jesus" is now officially total and complete garbage. An entire centuries worth of "scholarship" is refuted. And these new discoveries have the added benefit of disproving the Qur'an and the entire religion of Islam as the Qur'an states Yeshua was just a mere man, a Muslim, and His followers didn't believe He was Divine in any way. Old Mo is now officially proven to haven been full of crap.

Jewish scholars are now arguing that the idea of a divine-human Savior Messiah WAS a Jewish concept and deeply rooted in the writings of the Biblical Prophets. As I pointed out in my Masoretic thread, there was a clear push after the fall of the Temple and rise of Christianity by Jewish authorities to erase Yeshua from the Scriptures and push the false idea that Jews never believed in a Divine Messiah. My hats off to these unbiased and truth seeking Jewish scholars of today. Maybe it's Jews like these that will truly help turn the tide on how Yeshua is viewed today in Israel and the world over.

Atheists, Hateful and biased Jewish scholars, general Biblical and Christian critics, and Muslims all refuted in one fell swoop with this one.

4. The Gospels WERE indeed written by eye-witness testimony and more accurate than once thought.

5. The first Gospel, Mark, due to new scholarship and studies by SECULAR scholars, is now more correctly dated to only FEW YEARS after the Resurrection. NOT what has been believed for centuries to have been written in Rome in the late 60's or early 70's AD. This further aids the gaining theory now that the Gospels were truly accurate, contemporary eyewitness accounts...not accounts penned and made-up centuries later.

6. Expert Jewish scholars now say they believe Yeshua to have been a well-trained Rabbi and thoroughly learned in Jewish/Mosaic Torah Law via His legal reasoning among the attacks of the Pharisees. The notion of Yeshua being some kind of obscure, "illiterate peasant" is officially laid to rest.

HERE IS FULL ARTICLE: ... -nazareth/

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PostPosted: Sun Dec 11, 2016 10:47 am 

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It's best that people come to Christ by faith...not by hard evidence. Those truly searching for Him will believe the words that He left, not by hard evidence produced by excavations or by miracles.

Just a note...the more miracles He did, the more it hardened the hearts of those who saw. Evidence weakens faith, and He's seeking those who search by faith. There's one fixing to come who will do miraculous signs from the heavens and will deceive many.

The evidence of heat from the blaze is the type that produces a second death.

PostPosted: Tue Dec 13, 2016 3:08 pm 

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Everything Y'huah did fulfilled prophecy from OT which told of what he would do. None of his miracles was haphazard or random. There are still some prophecies which still need to be fulfilled.

Yes, I agree that there was an attempt to discredit Messiah by ruling Jews, and subsequent attempts destroy the believing Jews...who happened to be the ''early Christians''.

Y'shuah was a Jewish Messiah promised to a Jewish people who was written about in a Jewish book. God's traditions pointed to his work, his word, and his ways. The AntiChrist who was in the world even then tried to erase it even then. That same spirit is still at work.

Bible late dating is always an attempt to discredit the word and prophecy. For example, if the New Testament wasn't written till 90AD or later, we can toss out references to the destruction of the Temple that Y'shuah predicted....and others.

If we late date the OT, we can erase Abraham and Moses from Egypt, and any evidence that the offspring of Abraham was ever there. Archeological digs will be nonproductive. Mo definitly had an AC agenda.

PostPosted: Wed Dec 14, 2016 7:22 pm 

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I'm watching a documentary right now, and what they're saying is true. If there was never an exodus of Hebrews from Egypt, then there wasn't a Moses. And if no Moses, nothing follows, only lies about Christ. So that's the reasoning behind it...if there was never an exodus, then there was never a Moses leading out Hebrew people...and well, everything is hinged on a lie then.

I understand that it's important to not believe lies in the first place, and to see if Moses is just a myth would cause you to question your beliefs. There's enough evidence and my brothers and myself would find, the only thing is that the exodus would occur earlier than what is believed.

A friend of mine just sent me this, this past week: ... s_20100324

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