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When I have paid My Vow in full,
and My recompense has been accomplished as I swore to make good,
Then Restoration of the former instructions, which have been disguised, laying dormant,
will again, as at the first,
arise to the stature of "choice, best".
Their time of trouble, suffering on account of perverting their marital duty,
has been a copy, a mirrored depiction of their own convulsion:
living in confinement, bewildered, missing the point, being swept away with wrongness...
is the result of violating, polluting, defiling my land, profaning themselves...
making empty my walk of ALEF-TAV.
With foolish disgrace and villainy... they have stopped being sons (of straightness),
instead, shrinking, shriveling, curling up in dread, frightened and confused.
It is not for nothing they are loathed and abhorred...
As a massive tangle of swarming reptiles, they have become entangled in a thicket of prickly
knots, engaged in the occupation of Error... by their abominations.
Wandering astray into the shameful vice of idolatry through celebrating heathen festivals,
living their own nightmare.
As a jewel in it's setting,
they were to occupy My Land of Heritage, just as the consecrated portion is given to priests...
but they wearied of My Words,
and became sickened of My sweet pleasantness.
And so, instead of accomplishing their assigned Mission,
what follows is, they inherited weakness !
Death will be paid it's due.
Until that which belongs to Death is ended...
Death will be compensated by their own corpses.
At the time the sentence of banishment is completed...
Quit fighting against Me.
Teach TORAH as stipulated in antiquity...
repeat and copy what was first and best...
In poverty and humbleness, arouse interest, summon a response for compassion...
Petition with song.
They can all find favor again...
if they have sense enough to redeem their violation...
on account of their redeemer was violated for their sake,
pierced by them,
slain for their emptiness.
I Myself run my route of ALEF-TAV without shame.
Whoever is sickened by My course of ALEF-TAV, and then worsens the matter
by going astray with idolatry perversely,
will be tied and bound accordingly,
swept away, inheriting a full possession of...
With the attitude of "No limit",
pour out refreshment,
on the harp, as water, as gentle kisses...
Wake Them Up !
Clear away thorns from their path.
Make thick as a rope, as a timber beam...
Accomplish the Commission.
Do not weary of it.
ALEF-TAV... I have dreamed to impart this next link of My chain :
Health and Pleasantness.
My CxALLAH. (as in the braided sweet bread)


ISR Version: And first I shall repay double for their crookedness and their sin, because they
have defiled my land with the dead bodies of their disgusting matters and have filled my
inheritance with their abominations.
Stones TANAK Version: I shall repay them first for the repetition of their forefathers' sin and
transgression. For having desecrated My land with their disgusting abominations and their
detestations, they have filled up My heritage.
Catholic Version: And I shall repay first their double iniquities and their sins: because they have
defiled my land with the carcasses of their idols and they have filled my inheritance with their


Jeremiah 16 discusses in verses 1-9 that YHUH has revoked His peace, kindness and mercy
from His people.
Verse 10 they ask "why? What have we done?"
Verses 11-12 He tells them: because they followed "ALHIM ACxRIM" , forsook YHUH, and did
not observe His TORAH, and "each one follows the vision of his evil heart in order to not listen
to Me".
In verse 13 they are to be ejected forcefully to an unknown land and there serve ALHIM ACxRIM
without leniency.
However, verses 14-15 tell of a future event returning to their own land of Israel as a promise,
(which Monte Judah refers to as "the Greater Exodus").
Verses 16-17 tell of fishermen and hunters being sent out to find His people wherever they may
be hiding.
Then here is where verse 18 fits in: "But first... "
Here next, verse 19 which many of us quote these days: "YAHUAH my strength, my
stronghold, and my refuge on the day of distress, to You nations will come from the ends of the
earth and say : "It was all falsehood that our ancestors inherited, futility that has no purpose!" "
Verse 20: "Can a man artificially invent gods for himself? They are not deity!"
Finally, Verse 21: eriktology Version:
Of a truth, certainly, verily, Behold!
Here is benefit, reason for joyfulness:
I am here at the place of information, intelligence... Declaring and making known...
Using a mnemonic device to help develop memory,
with a rhythmic beat to impel motivation,
specifically induce their awareness with audio ALEF-TAV--- songs and shouts, both handed:
confession and thanksgiving with a powerful grasp of praise.
Stir up courage, heroism, valor...
Become an expert, of erudite scholarship,
Learn to know definitely by observation and consideration,
Because right then and there...
My Name, (My famous, fabled reputation of doing great exploits on behalf of my people....)
Day 7 of Month 12

I give Christians wedgies

Asher hayah v'hoveh v'yavo!

PostPosted: Sun Mar 09, 2014 4:44 pm 
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Thanks for posting that, Temu. It was absolutely AWESOME!

I think Erik needs to design his own "Eriktology Bible'' :)

Imagine the DETAIL it would have?

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